Some companies use web-based learning platforms, other companies use web-based learning systems, the EV360 Ultimate Suite are software programs that install directly onto your Windows-based computer.  Sorry, no Chrome Books, no App only devices, no IPads or other portable app devices.  The software does not require or use any web-based modules, plug-ins, and does not use an Internet browser.  We will even set you up with a free trial and provide you instructions on where to download the software. There are no long-term contracts or purchase commitments when the two-week trial ends.  If you like the software, just pick a subscription for the program(s) you want to keep using. Click here to start your free trial.

Live speedbuilding classes and recordings can be incorporated into your overall skill development regimen by subscribing to the live Dictation Channels from CCR. These channels are not part of the EV360 Ultimate software, but are available to purchase from the Subscription Options page on this site. You will be provided additional information at the time of purchase. Since the live classes are not part of the software, they are not part of the free trial.

The EV360 Realtime Theory courses allow you to learn a popular short logical theory in a self-paced format.  Further, we offer training courses for the EV360 Ultimate software, and free dictation resources for speedbuilding. These courses are the only web-based or Internet-based resources hosted by this learning platform. The EV360 Ultimate software programs install directly on your personal computer and run independent of this learning platform.

Check out the sections below to learn about each software program that is part of the Ultimate Suite.  Please note that the live/recorded class channels described in the last section are not part of the EV360 Ultimate software, but can be purchased separately.  See below for more information.     

My Life is a time-on-task and time management program. You can manually add (not load,) academic class items, skill development tasks, and other life events to keep organized. EV360 Ultimate permits you to track your time when using EV360 Ultimate.  Your time management history can be printed and exported to Excel or CSV to provide to your school.


The My Speedbuilding program is a workout approach to building speed. Audio, video, or text files are presented at varying speeds in real time based on the selected workout plan. The concept is similar to a working out on a treadmill: The pace of the workout adjusts during the workout. You don't have to start/stop/start/stop to adjust the speed of the dictation you are practicing, the selected workout plan does it for you. We provide over 40 workout plans (users can create their own, too).  The software has thousands of dictations in addition to the Community Coaching Package, which will contain new dictations when we add them. The software was designed to permit you to use your own audio, text, and video dictation files without having to upload them into a web-based learning platform.  They play right from your computer using our workout approach to increase and decrease practice speeds in real time by specific words per minute, not by percentage values.  As a working professional, have you ever wanted to practice your CAT audio sync recording at different speeds for practice?  Now you can with My Speedbuilding.


The My Readback program creates custom speedbuilding classes, like attending live speedbuilding classes, which present dictations based on structured lesson plans. Each 6-minute audio dictation is broken down into six 1-minute audio segments that are repeated five times at varying speeds based on the "lesson plan" you select.  The audio segments are presented the same way a teacher presents a live speedbuilding class. My Speedbuilding offers structured dictation, longer practice sessions, old fashioned speedbuilding approach to building speed.  If you have a Stenograph USB writer connected to your computer, you can even read back from your steno strokes, not English, during your My Readback practice sessions.  Reading steno just like we did in the old days when we read back in class from our paper steno notes.  No other speedbuilding software or web-based learning system captures your steno strokes from your writer for steno read back practice.


The My Realtime program adjusts audio, text, or video speeds in real time as it is playing. When writing realtime, the practice speed adjusts based on your accuracy. If your goal is 95 percent and your accuracy exceeds 95 percent, EV360 gently increases the speed. If your accuracy falls below 95 percent, the speed gently decreases. For the Accuracy Speed mode, the software compares current and overall accuracy using a proprietary algorithm based on time and frequency of input, not by a downloaded word-by-word analysis module for a web-based learning system.  Our software uses an easy to understand document comparison technology that resides on your computer, which is also not a downloaded web-based analysis module, to display transcription errors.  You can event turn off the "Realtime Accuracy" display so you are not distracted.


My Games is a fun and addicting approach to enhancing realtime accuracy skills. EV360 Ultimate includes two gaming modules, Word Invaders and Sharp Shooter. Both allow users to earn points when their CAT software translates accurately.  Both games use a document comparison technology that resides on your computer, which is also not a downloaded web-based analysis module, when you earn points.


My Evaluations presents audio at its natural speed. When the audio is complete, you will edit your transcription using your CAT or other word processing software.  The edited transcript can be evaluated for transcription accuracy results.  Our software uses an easy to understand document comparison technology that resides on your computer, which is not downloaded as a web-based analysis module, to display transcription errors.


My Tests consists of over 7,500 1-minute through 10-minute audio and video tests for jury charge, literary, two-voice, and multi-voic testimony. When you submit a test that has been transcribed in your CAT software or word processing software, you see a preliminary score, which includes total errors and percentage of accuracy (not displayed in the below image.)  Instructors complete the actual grading and markups of the test (image displayed below.)  EV360 does not rely on computer technology to provide graded results.  Real human beings use software tools to complete the grading and feedback process.  Tools such as color coding and categorization of errors, annotating specific areas within the graded test, audio feedback messaging, final errors, and percentage of accuracy. Instructors will email you with the final results.


Live speedbuilding classes and recordings can be incorporated into your overall skill development regimen by subscribing to the Dictation Channels from the CCR online learning platform. There is an independent dictation channel course site for each subject matter and speed range related to the schedule of live and recorded speedbuilding classes. Channels include classes for endurance, jury charge, literary, multi-voice, and two-voice. Each class is recorded and available within the channel. We have thousands of hours of recordings, which are accessible on the CCR online learning platform using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.  These classes and recordings are not part of the EV360 Ultimate Suite of software programs.


Here's What They Are Saying:

Dee Boenau, FAPR, RDR, CBC, CCP, CRR, CRC, 2016 & 2017 National Realtime Champion - "I absolutely love using EV360 Ultimate for my practice before the Realtime Contest. In fact, it has been my go-to practice tool in 2016 and 2017 -- both years that I have won the Realtime Contest. When I practice, I like to do the same dictation over and over until I get every word. With EV360 Ultimate, there are different "Workout Plans" that I can choose from so I can listen to the same dictation at fluctuating speeds, and I think that is an excellent resource for that method of practice. Also, there's an abundance of dictation material to select from, and I still have so much to look forward to when sharpening my skills with EV360 Ultimate."

Kimmel G. McDiamid, RPR, Official Court Reporter - "Let me just say this: What I can tell about this software, even just on my first use, is that it conquers the whole struggle of: Do I write really fast material and just get something down, even if it's junk, and then slow down to get good notes or do I practice at slower speeds until I get accurate notes at that speed and then gradually increase? That age-old quandary that creates tons of frustration is overcome immediately with this software because the software makes that decision for me in that it will only push me further to a faster speed if I am writing consistently accurate notes at my chosen accuracy level. When I do, it knows I'm ready for a push to a higher words per minute level; and when I start to write sloppy strokes again, it automatically slows down until I am writing clean strokes again. Whoo-Hoo! So excited!"

Amanda Harwell, RPR - "After a rigorous few years of continuous practice but still missing my testimony portion of the RPR I turned to EV360. The unique software combined with the consistent and effective practice material was what put me over the edge to earn my RPR!"

For additional information, contact us at 866-294-3974 ext. 222 or 224