Let's Get Started:

Congratulations! As you know EV360 Ultimate is completely free to College of Court Reporting students. This is a special page for you to get started with this amazing speedbuilding software program. This page will outline the steps you need to follow to get started. We want to make sure the installation goes as smoothly as possible, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you run into any problems. You can email us at EV360u@ccr.edu.

Step 1: Create Account

Please make sure you make a note of the username and password you select as it will also be used to log into the software once it is installed on your computer.
** Create Your Account **

Step 2: Download Software and Integrated Videos

EV360 Ultimate installs directly on your computer.
** Download EV360 Ultimate **

Step 3: Save

Click the downloaded EV360u.zip and My Speedbuilding Integrated Videos.zip files and save them to your Windows Desktop or other folder where your browser downloads files from the Internet.

Step 4: Unzip

Open the folder location on your computer where you saved the EV360u.zip folder. This compressed folder contains three files. Create a new folder on your desktop called EV360 Ultimate Setup. Unzip these three files into that new desktop folder.

  • License.txt – this is the license agreement for EV360 Ultimate.

  • EV360_Installer.exe – this is the EV360 Ultimate installer.

Step 5: Install

Open/Run the EV360_Installer.exe file. Follow all of the prompts as you would when installing any other software program on your computer. You may see some security messages from your Windows operating system or your anti-virus program. Please accept the installer as being safe.

Step 6: Open EV360 Ultimate Software

After the installation is complete, you should have a new EV360 Ultimate group in your Windows Start location and a new EV360 Ultimate shortcut on your Windows Desktop. To launch EV360 Ultimate, open the shortcut and login with your username and password. The first time you start EV360 Ultimate or after you install an updated version, the synchronization may take some additional time depending upon the speed of your Internet connection.