This course prepares students to complete transcripts using basic functionality available in their computer-aided transcription software. By the completion of this course, students will be able to write in realtime; translate and edit transcripts; back up, import/export, and print transcript material; modify, create, and use various dictionaries; modify or create and insert files such as title pages and certificate pages; properly establish speaker identification; and utilize time-saving editing shortcuts. Students will learn to maintain their software and troubleshoot both software and hardware issues. Prerequisites:  VB101 and CR100; or SH120, C100, and C110.

This is a second-level course in the usage of realtime computer-aided transcription software. This course is intended to strengthen students’ knowledge in translation and fully editing transcripts, using features such as macros, keyboard maps, additional speaker identification options, creation and automatic insertion of include files, and indexing. 

This is a college-level developmental writing and communications course that includes analysis of common writing criteria, such as punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph development, essays, and reports.  

This is a college-level English course with emphasis on rhetoric, composition and essay writing, communication, and speech. Students will study and review English grammar and parts of speech, develop proofreading skills, and utilize this in their writing.