Students will complete all skill-development voice-writing requirements using realtime translation technology.  They will have a minimum of eight hours of live dictation weekly on literary, medical, jury charge and legal opinion, and two-voice testimony speedbuilding classes and will be required to devote a minimum of 18 hours.  Students will turn in at least two transcriptions per week on skill and speed development. They will receive weekly transcription assignments.  Grades for this course will be based on voice-writing skill, weekly transcription, and punctuation grades on dictation evaluations.  To fulfill the court reporting graduation requirements for SB203, students must complete the following:  pass three tests at each of the exit speeds at 180 literary, 200 jury charge/legal opinion, and 225 two-voice testimony ; take a simulated CRR test at a speed of 180 to 200 wpm literary; prepare a salable ten-page transcript utilizing CAT software in two hours with 95 percent accuracy involving multiple speakers; and transcribe a simulated CSR/RPR skills test at 180 literary, 200 jury charge, and 225 two-voice testimony with no more than 3.75 hours transcription time (75 minutes per test).